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January, 2013. Omino.Com is pleased to present the WBL5515, a dual drone oscillator built using old semiconductor stock from the now-defunct Japanese company Yamanote Linear Y.K.

The WBL5515′s A side uses a 1987 YL515 Triple-Loop oscillator configured in ring modulation mode. The B side uses the 1988 ’515-B revision of the same chip, producing a slightly cleaner sound…

Tragically, or perhaps charmingly, some of the chip inventory is slightly static-damaged, and may crackle or produce excessive p-p voltage; a smoothing filter for each side is switchable on the rear-facing panel.

Two 9-volt batteries provide power. To replace the batteries, simply loosen the folded rear panel tabs, and ease the panel downwards until it can be safely rotated outwards. Replace only with matched battery pair from same package, red leads to positives.

The extant supply of YL515 TLOs is small. The WBL5515 is a hand assembled limited edition, subject to stock on hand. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed soldering them together for you!

Here’s a track made by INDWELLINGFIRE using the ‘5515!

And one by ESKILIZE… put in such a beautiful frame, the ‘5515 sounds almost pretty!